Grace's New Life is the second chapter of the Princess and I series. 


Queen Isabel had chosen to marry another man. She dated a man named Chito Maghirang, and sooner they we're married. Isabel said what has she've been passing through all her life, but she never mention of being queen and marrying a king.

10 years later, Grace or now called, Sabrina, is now enjoying her life. 

She wakes up, takes a shower, eats breakfast, and goes off to school. She met four girls - Janice Uy, Yasmin Pensona, Kathryn Villanueva, and Veronica Sebastian - who later became her best friends. Next, she meets Trisha Rodriguez, Fatimah Gregorio, Naomi Velasquez, and Shirley San Pedro. Last, she met Justin Casimpan, and Kiko Salvador.

She goes home playing with her friends - Jasmine Hernandez, Zyrielle Zapata, and Trishanelle Gozo. They are next seen chatting and laughing. By six o'clock, Sabrina goes home and helps her mother with her chores. The story ends, as Isabel is staring at a star.

Major Events

  • Grace goes to school in her 10-year-old life.
  • Grace makes friends with Janice, Yasmin, Kathryn, Veronica, Justin, and Kiko.
  • Grace encounters Trisha, Fatimah, Naomi, and Shirley.