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A Princess is Born is the first chapter of the Princess and I series.


In a kingdom in Asia, there was prince named Daniel, and he is soon to be married with Isabel. Filipinos were friendly and know about Isabel's origins. A week later, the wedding started and Isabel and Daniel were married. Meanwhile, Isabel bore a child and named her Grace. A few days later, the Queen and Princess Grace were going for a trip down to the kingdom.

Without knowing, Corvina plotted a plan to get rid of the queen and princess. While going down the mountain, the driver, purposely and fell in the mountains. The driver got up and run out into the woods. Unknown to him, the queen and princess survived. 

Isabel quickly went to her friend, Alicia de la Rosa and went to her house.

"Alicia!" said Isabel.

"O, Isabel, ano'ng nangyari sa 'yo? [Isabel, what happend?]" - Alicia

"Sinadya kaming patayin ng drayber namin ng anak ko. [We were purposely going to be killed by our driver with my baby.]" - Isabel

"Ha?! [What?!]" - Alicia

"Uy, tulungan mo kami, Alicia. Sabihin mo lang na 'patay kami' dahil na-aksidente kami. Paki sabi rin na kukunin mo ang mga gamit namin, at sabihin mo na ililibing nalang kami sa probinsya. [Hey, can you help us, Alicia? Tell my husband that we died because of an accident. Also, tell him that you will get our things, and tell him also that we will be buried in our province]." - Isabel

Alicia did what her friend asked for, and good thing, the king agreed, unfortunately, it's a pain that Isabel has only been her wife for 10 months. The kingdom was filled with sorrow. Alicia, Isabel, and Grace left for the Philippines. Soon, Isabel realized that she should marry another man again. 

Major Events

  • Isabel and Daniel are married
  • Princess Grace is born.
  • An accident occurred.
  • Isabel and Grace 'died'.
  • Isabel, Alicia, and Grace are going to the Philippines.
  • The kingdom is filled with sorrow.


Major Roles

​Minor Roles