[Titlecard; scene opens to Cerise in her room.]

Cerise: [Walks to her closet and opens it.] Hmm.. [Looks at the dresses.] All of these dresses are too much red, too much pink and white. [Walks to her bed and sits.] What I want to see is purple. Not red, not pink or white. [Looks at the floor.] I'm a hater of those three colors!
Maid: [Walks in.] Cerise, get dressed, school today in 20 minutes.
Cerise: Yeah, and no breakfast. A princess eats at their own school, I get it.
Maid: Cerise, princesses should be genuine and feminine.
Cerise: [Stands up and looks at her maid.] What if I don't want to be a princess?
Maid: CERISE. Get dressed. [Walks out of the room.]
Cerise: I want to be a flawed princess. [Smirks.] I think I want to get detention. First time detention, [Smiles.] awesome!

[Scene cuts to Cerise's Science class in Sky High.]

Teacher: [Cerise walks in.] Cerise, you are late for 20 minutes. Is this what a princess should do?
Cerise: [Takes her seat.] Do I have to repeat this? I've said this to my friends, my family and now my teacher! I don't want to be a princess!
Aude: Cerise! Don't say that!
Teacher: Cerise! [Looks at Cerise angrily.] Detention next Saturday for 7 hours!
Cerise: Can you expand that to 8 hours? [Looks at her teacher angrily.] I'm glad that I can skip my princess genuine classes!
Teacher: CERISE!
Cerise: That's it! I'm skipping class! [Walks out of class.]
Teacher: [Sighs and looks at Melisandre.] Chase her.
Melisandre: [Looks at Daenerys.] You heard her, chase off Cerise!
Daenerys: You won again. [Walks out of class.]
Melisandre: [Smiles evilly.] Yes I did.

[Scene cuts to Cerise's room.]

Cerise: I can't believe it.
Queen Cora: [Enters.] What is it, Cerise? Why aren't you at Sky High?
Cerise: [Looks at Queen Cora.] Sky High, Sky High, Sky High! Loyal, genuine. That's my everyday timetable! [Walks to her mother.] I want a different life! Where I'm not honored! I'm sick of being a princess!
Queen Cora: Cerise! Stop.
Cerise: You're not my mother! My mother doesn't care about me! She only talks to me when she visits here once a month! [Stomps her feet.]
Queen Cora: Cerise, I may not be your mother. But I am your aunt. Show some respect to the queen!
Cerise: You only care about pride!
Queen Cora: CERISE! Stop misbehaving.
Cerise: You stop misbehaving! [Walks out of her room.]
Queen Cora: Sometimes I don't know what to do with her.

[Scene cuts to Melisandre's room.]

Melisandre: Where is Cerise?
Daenerys: Do I care?
Cerise: [Enters the room.] Sorry I'm late girls! I was chased off by the guards.
Daenerys: Why were you chased off by guards?
Cerise: Because, dummy—I misbehaved, while my mother misbehaved! [Daenerys laughs.] What?
Daenerys: Your mother misbehaved. Best joke of the year.
Cerise: Hey nice outfit by the way.
Melisandre: She dislikes pink. [Sighs.]
Cerise: [Looks at Daenerys.] If you hate pink why are you wearing it?
Daenerys: Because I like to torture myself!
Cerise: Anyways, why are we here?
Melisandre: To talk about dark magic.
Cerise: I don't like where this is going.
Daenerys: I know I do.
Melisandre: You know, you might able to change your future. [Pats Cerise on the back.] You can change from princess to normal.
Cerise: Now I like where this is going! [Smiles.]
Melisandre: But how?
Cerise: Dang it!
Melisandre: We have to figure out. Just, just..
Daenerys: I just realized.. [Smirks.] Only dark magic can.
Cerise: Wait.. [Gulps.] Dark magic?