Faith of a Princess a fanon series created by Stellamusa101. It is based on the Disney Princess continuity.



  • Cerise Lannister – Cerise Lannister (voiced by Grey DeLisle) is the 17-year old princess of the Snow Kingdom. Lately Cerise is feeling uncomfortable with the situation she is. She didn't want to be honored, she didn't want to be loved by her kingdom, she didn't want to be a princess. She goes to Sky High and is best friends with two people only, and they appear to be non-princesses. Her mother disagrees with her being friends with non-princesses, so does her father. Cerise doesn't know what faith will happen if she doesn't accept her destiny. Will Cerise accept her destiny?
  • Daenerys Stark - Daenerys Stark (voiced by Mae Whitman) is the 17-year old best friend of Cerise Lannister. Daenerys lives a life where she has to do everything. She is the servant of the Evil Queen's daughter, Raven. Daenerys is known for her stylish designs and honesty, but since these days Daenerys seems to act a little weird and bad. Is that problem made by Raven?
  • Melisandre Millington - Melisandre Millington (voiced by Debby Ryan) is the 17-year old friend of Cerise. Melisandre often contributes to the Sky High Magazine, under the working title "SH Journalist" and is often seen wearing black. Melisandre is often flirtatious and feminine, and very protective towards her boyfriend. Melisandre could be rebellious at times, but she still has a heart of gold.


  • Raven - Raven (voiced by Lana Parrilla) is the daughter of the Evil Queen. Raven might seem evil, but she isn't. She's more of a neutral. Sometimes she tries to poison Cerise, and sometimes she tries to save Cerise from The Dark One.
  • The Dark One - The Dark One (voiced by Mark Hamilton) is the son of Rumplestiltskin. The Dark One is often seen creating evil spells. He's most notable quote is "Magic comes with a price". The Dark One, like Raven, isn't as evil as he would look like. He has a heart of gold sometimes, though often he has a black heart.
  • Wraith - Wraith is a shadow created by The Dark One. Wraith is only seen when someone is about to die or to take one's life.


  1. Faith of a Princess: Don't Be Afraid of Dark Magic
  2. Faith of a Princess: Save The Snow Kingdom
  3. Faith of a Princess: Magic Is Coming