Cerise Lannister

Cerise 1

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Cerise Lannister is one of the main characters in Faith of a Princess. She is the 17 year old princess of Snow Kingdom. Cerise tries to run off the script by trying to avoid being an honored princess. Cerise goes to Sky High and became best friends with Daenerys Stark and Melisandre Millington.

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle, the voice of Cerise.


Cerise is often uncomfortable with the situation she is. As a princess, she must be "loyal" and "genuine", something Cerise does not like. As of in Faith of a Princess: Don't Be Afraid of Dark Magic, Cerise met The Dark One and asked him to change her life using dark magic. This is noted that Cerise is not afraid of anything and believes it is possible. 

Voice Actress

Cerise is voiced by Grey DeLisle. She was formerly planned to be voiced by Seychelle Gabriel.